How to Not Die Trying to Look Good.

Let’s talk about supplements. When it comes to body building and cutting supplements, there’s a lot of products in the market which will be advertised or recommended to you. most of these products are un researched and will be hazardous to your health. If you are ok with ending up with kidney or liver diseases and if you do not mind the minor side effect of death as long as you look good, by all means, dive right into the supplement world with a blind fold, take one take all, look good die young, what else is life all about.


In case you’re not too eager about the death part, you can go a different road. The first step would be to avoid steroids completely. Steroids can get you mad muscle for the small price of impotency, baldness, testosterone suppression and many more side effects. Now that we have that cleared out, what you do want to look into is an SARM, these are serotonin androgen receptor modulators which are a great tool for cutting down on fat whist also building muscle at a very fast rate. These supplements such as s23 will work on specific targets in your body such as the receptors on bone and muscle exclusively not interfering with any other part of your body. This minimalizes the side effects it has and will basically get the job done is the best way possible while also keeping you very much alive.

So if death is not on your agenda, but looking good is, don’t take a nose dive into the world of supplement without doing proper research first.