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This Report might be somewhat different from others. However, as you can relate the story to trade you think it would be useful for ACCA students sitting for their June10 effort. I would not have discovered this story if I never went to hospital! In last couple of days, my Grandmother was not feeling well and despite all of the directions we followed, she was not getting better. We had to rush her to the hospital! Thank God she’s much better today, continues her discussions with us over various things, and things seem like they are getting back to normal. But during my time seeing her at the hospital, I met a mother who shared a wonderful story of her child.

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After her twelfth Board examinations, Hina Jamsheed’s a visually impaired student mother prodded her to pursue a primary teacher training course, but Hina had other plans – she wanted to be a college lecturer in a trade subject. And for that, she needed to research BComm an abbreviation for Bachelor of Commerce, an improbable programmed for a visually impaired student to take up. But the intrepid girl accepted the challenge head on and took admission in the BComm course in the Fatima Jinnah College, where she is currently an assistant professor. I had to find support from my peers and teachers and somehow I managed. With a little additional effort, I learnt to create tables and accounts. With practice, you usually become perfect, says the 31-year-old with a laugh.

She is among the few visually impaired folks who have studied accounts in the M.Phil degree and is presently pursuing her Ph.D in finance from the department of trade, University of Karachi. You dug further and Requested more people when they have something like share. Dr Zakir Abbasi, officer on special duty agrees that the visually impaired students have a tendency to study humanities. They must occupy trade to further their career prospects. We urge them to think beyond history and political science, he says. Those who do take up practical subjects have a tendency to concentrate on the concept part – accountancy, income taxation, math and costing. In terms of the technical aspects, they do require the help from family or peers.

If you are determined and focused on your goals, you can earn an excellent company career even by taking up humanities. Due to this technological boom, visually impaired students can grow to become acca Singapore qualified accountants. With the introduction of computers that can speak, things are much easier now. The moral of this story is that there are no barriers large enough even physical obstacles that you cannot overcome if you have got a strong desire to genuinely achieve your targets. Consider this article when you are preparing for your ACCA examinations – the story of these visually impaired students who succeeded in their overwhelming targets.