When to Customize Business Application Program?

The Majority of the Company Application software offered to the SMB market can be characterized as packaged software. It follows that box, and the program will work as designed and as the end users want. These products have limited capacities for changing how the program works, using the application. In By using customization tools which include the program such as VBA, some cases the program can be customized. Sometimes there will have to be integration into an outside system. And then there are custom programs that run on your own and also have integration points to the company application. The Question that lots of business application users ask is, when I should personalize. There are several levels of customization that one may consider:application

  • Very simple. For example: You wish to change the field description. Or you might choose to block specific fields from showing on the display or being editable.
  • Fairly simple. For example: You wish to change the tab sequence. You need to add an extra field from a table in the database of the application.
  • Not simple. For example: You need to include one or more additional fields from tables not now part of this program’s database. Get it printed from a display with data and you wish to create a report.
  • Mildly tricky. You have got a fully working CRM system and desire to integrate it with the business application so that sales people using CRM can view order action from the ERP system and find out current customer information. Or you have got a fully developed website where you get hundreds of orders and you want the order to automatically flow into the ERP system.application

You have searched high and low for the perfect estimating software to aid the sales staff in preparing client quotes. But nothing comes close. To genuinely provide a helpful application that will enhance your organization, you are going to need to develop the program from scratch. Use cost / benefits analysis to determine whether the customization will offer your company with a net benefit. And it is important to understand that deciding not to do a customization doesn’t automatically mean that you haven’t made a bad option. I have seen intricate and simple customizations which have increased the value of the business systems of a firm. And everybody has heard tales of customization disasters.